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Drill Bit W/Flats On Shank 29/64"

ITEM No. 30-073
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Drill Bit W/Flats On Shank 29/64"

  • Features: •Drill hard materials up to 45 HRC. Do not hestitate using the MTS when faced with drilling set screws, leaf springs, truck frames. Grade 8 bolts and many other hard-to-drill materials. • Outstanding in stainless steel. •MTS drill bits are far more ductile than cobalt — reducing breakage. •MTS drill bits have a 135° split point. No skate tip. No need to center or punch before drilling. •MTS drill bits have flats on the shank over 3/16” diameter- positive clamping in chuck. •MTS drill bits last longer than other drills, even after sharpening. More holes per bit! REDUCE OR ELIMINATE: •Frequent Drill Replacement • Slippage in the Chuck • Breakage • Downtime


  • 3 Flat Shank Yes
  • Fractional 29/64"
  • Overall Length 4-5/8"
  • Flute Length 3"