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  • 12.5 Fl. Oz.

Long Lasting Lubricant

  • GARD Globo coats the surface with and oil film of only about 0.001 mm (0.000039 inches) thickness, which withstands temperature variations from -300°F to 450°F without breakdown.


  • The fineness of the oil, plus additives that reduce surface tension, allow excellent penetration into crevices.

Repels Moisture

  • Repels water, even in hard-to-reach places, protecting electrical contacts from occasional exposure to moisture

Prevents Corrosion

  • Inhibits corrosion on all metal surfaces from auto parts to electrical contacts, even if the surface is wet when the oil is applied. Testing shows that GARD Globo allows no penetration by 10% brine solution on an anodized aluminum surface.

Note: With uses ranging from public transportation and Public Works to conveyor system and office equipment, maintenance to medical equipment and electronics, this versatile product performs over a broad range of environments and varied applications.

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12.5 Fl. Oz. M-2000-12 Call for Price